Most of the time I feel good about sending my son to the daycare even knowing that I don’t have another option, he even mention it to go on the weekends, I think for him is a lot of fun, usually every afternoon when I pick him up he gives me the hardest time to leave. This doesn’t mean it’s always easy for me to leave my kid especially when he was a baby or when he is not feeling well or sick or particularly lately when I read those horror stories in the news about something terrible happening to kids at daycare.
A Daycare is where kids make their very first friends. They accelerate some milestones and gain numerous social skills at an early age as they create relationships with strangers since the beginning. However, there is a really horrible thing about daycare: the nonstop and constant colds and other minor illnesses they bring home. There is never a dry nose in my house. I live with the Motrin, the nasal saline spray, the humidifiers and I can’t forget to mention my favorite: The Frida Nose. 

Also we had already the stomach flu sometimes in the last two years and I store some bottles of Pedialyte, they sell the popsicles just in case your children don’t like it as my son doesn’t like the liquid form since he is a toddler, also the ear infections are necessary to mention. You will pay to see my face when I enter my son’s classroom and kids come to me to hug me and I can see one of them with the mucus there and… I know what is coming next.

I can’t forget to mention the feeling that I really have to lose another day of work, and the exhaustion of waking up in the middle of the night from discomfort asking for Mom before falling back to sleep, running to the pediatrician for nothing because something is viral and they can’t do anything about it. 

I am worry while listening to my toddler cough, thinking what is next now and we are just in March, nine more months to go until the year ends and I can start over with more sick’s and vacations days.

Most of the people are telling me: he has the great immune systems! But let me tell you, I don’t believe it. I’m doubtful. Are new viruses always coming out? I just read about a new one just yesterday, well new for me.

Sometimes kids don’t remember to wash their hands before pushing them into their mouth, and they can’t stop coughing and sneezing in each other’s faces.

Sometimes I am thinking to avoid kids’ birthday parties because I can’t stand the idea of one more cold or one more fever that will indicate probably to one more missed day of work.

I like daycares, but sometimes, I really hate them.