Your kids love the reading time with you, eventually they wait for that moment however sometimes for them to pay attention could be a mission. They most of the time love and wait for it but sometimes their entertainment is somewhere else. As a parent s is always good to obtain and have some advice on how to hold their attention on this reading time, especially for kids under 3 years old.

It is always good to enforce and implement the love to read specially since they are little, and that is the reason why you never have to stop reading to them specially the first years. The key is to basically have the right election on the histories you read to them, the secret is to look for the classic adventures and short histories.

Actually there are more tips that can help you to not fail on this trial.

How can make it fun?

  • The selection of a history full of action is a key on this daily activity; try to involve animals as a fundamental for the short period of the reading.
  • Use your vocal cords to reach them and provide the magic of the history as they can enjoy the performance, using different tones in your voice.
  • A lot of animations in the book are essential, the colors, the bright images will capture their attention instantly.
  • Let your kids touch the books, the pictures, the images,  they need to make contact with the lecture and feel the reality of the moment, they always  feel attraction to colors, images and different symbols  in the book.
  • Do not forces your kids if they are not enjoying the lecture, jut look for another history in another moment.
  • Help you with your index finger when you are reading to them, follow the lecture slowly pointing each word with your finger , we need to show them that we are reading directly to them and we are not improvising the lecture even if we are really  doing it.
  • Read daily, not sporadically. You can start reading a short story every day and gradually when you see your child getting into the reading habit increase the amount of lecture a day. Read 15 minutes each day as a minimum.

Why is important?

 This activity benefit to kids in all ages since they are little until adults, something that simple activity could represent a lot of advantages in the mental development of your child. Lectures and reading improves the language and imagination, also increase the vocabulary and develop memories and expression since early age.