Keeping Pacifiers for how long ?


My song will be 2.5 years old soon and he loves his pacifier when he is feeling tired or when is his nap time, is still going strong and I imagine he will probably keep it for at least another year.

I was against the pacifiers before I had my son but I feel pretty delighted that pacifiers exist and that my son love it.

It also means that I have something to comfort him with when it’s a long day, when we’re on-the-go, or if he is sick or something traumatic like shots at the doctor’s office.

Let me tell you, I’m pretty grateful for that little piece of plastic.

I’m happy that my son has one more item that keeps them feeling happy and brings him a lot of comfort, especially when he facing changes in his behavior or experiences as the potty training

Once my child hit about almost 24 months, naturally I restricted the pacifier for bed only (except when we’re traveling or have some unusual circumstance). This makes him related about nap and bedtime and it’s something to look forward to, rather than something to fear. This in turn makes me much happier because I can just take him in the crib for his naps. Probably I have to deal with judgmental comments at the grocery store or around people about how my child is too old for a pacifier but eventually I will start to restrict it also at nighttime.

It’s also much easier, I think, to take a pacifier away from an older child who you can reason with as opposed to a tiny toddler who can’t understand why you’re getting rid of something they love.

I know some people are strongly opposed to extended pacifier use, thinking it’s unnatural to be soothed by a little plastic nipple, but I’m happy that my son has one for now.

Like an adult who goes for a walk to calm down or takes a power nap or reading a beach novel, I think it’s fantastic for children to have just one more item to help them feel happy and calm.