An overprotective parent?


Overprotective parents usually wants to avoid their children from harm, pain, unhappiness, and disappointments to name a few, but on the other side overprotective parent usually stop their kids to try new activities, risks, and stop them to discoverer new challenges, also they became absent of new social activities and competences. All social activities and competences have the risk to disappoint your children, but is our mission to make them strong to encourage those situations in life.

Most of the time, parents are influencing their children with their own insecurities and fears, generations through generation this insecurity is passing through. We need to stop to put FEAR in our children creating insecure, anxious, and emotional immature children. This behavior retains us to teach our children the values or responsibility, courage, self-esteem and confidence. Overprotective parents are giving the message to their children that they cannot be trusted and they are not capable to handle difficult and challenging situations. One personal and common example to mention some experience is when I go to the park with my son, first thing I say is: be careful you will fall … completely wrong sentence because I am already transmitting the fear to him without any reason, probably the correct way to approach him is: have you seen this slide is high…and let him decide and confront the consequences, I know sounds difficult to practice but personally I will try it.


The Helicopter parent

The helicopter parent meaning is the one who wait closely to their children rarely out of their reach, in the growing process, those children will test the embarrassment and can be painful creating more insecurity.

If you consider yourself a overprotecting parent or helicopter behavior parent is suggested to get some professional help to make some changes in your future and in the relationship with your children.

To become responsible, confident, and independent adults, children need the opportunity to explore their environment physically and emotionally without the interference of their parents.

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