You got a toddler?


You got a toddler? We know that there is a lot of energy to burn, and they love to experiment the most dangerous actions, they love the wheels and by the time they are in the 2-years old they will have the first scooters and tricycles and you will need to buy their gear to protect them.

Before you shop some of these items consider your child’s age and size, most of them don’t coordinate completely until they are 3-years old, but once you seem them ready. I recommend first the helmet, take them to the store to try it and make sure is comfortable on them, try to replace it if you see the helmet is already to tide in the chin. Insist to them to use it every time they are on the scooter or tricycle.

Teach them how to use the scooter or tricycle in a park, avoid the driveways and teach them to ride always in sidewalks away form the road; choose the sideways next to a grassy area, and also avoid be close to lakes and pools.  Could be necessary some knee and elbow pads to keep them safety, also protect your child foot with closed toe- shoes instead open toes-shoes. Try to wear your child with bright colors if they are in a crow area with so many kids for you to visualize them easier and big kids will be better out of them.

I suggest the below helmet, average in price and useful for the purposes.

Children Kids Cycling Bike Bicycle Skate Hat Cap Safe Sport Protection Helmet (12)

My son is on the process to dominate the tricycle, and on his scooter is even better each day; but….just in case we are prepare 🙂 I hope you found these tips useful if you are experiencing the situation currently.

Thanks !