Why traveling with your kids is important

Happy New year to all! I just came back from a wonderful family vacation to North Carolina with my 2-year old son, is not the first time we have been taking him in a trip, as a family I try to plan in a year at least one main trip and try to plan some gateways also, it doesn’t imply that my son sometimes gives me a hard time that easily I can forget that I am on vacation, but I assume is normal at this age. I have taken him in a 2 hour-long trip in a plane to a 5 and a half hours also to my native country Peru when he was 1-year-old and to Dominican Republic twice when he was 5 months and 15 months. This last trip was about 12 hours road trip that generally was a success since at his age is not usual to maintain kids in a car seat for so many hours.

Usually kids comes down with motion sickness, sunburns, they get bored or annoyed for some reason just to mention some of the adversities. But all the adversities comes with the positive side, my son has been exposure to different environment, I can say Yes, he is too little to remember but is on his memory, I enjoy his surprise and his happiness when we spend these experiences together, kids in general traveling; are exposed to different cultures, variety of foods, weather, architecture  but the most important thing is the quality of time with Mom and Dad. I recommend to start them young, I know all the family situations are not the same or equal but the advantage for this as an example mentioning that infants are easily to sleep in front packs, the stroller and you can enjoy a quite meal… is not my case at this point 🙂 but we try to enjoy the time…. Kids traveling to foreign countries also develop a different social environment with other children since the language and are magnets to meet other families too.

Traveling with the kids is an exercise to be more flexible related to schedules, to different foods, and creates a balance between the rigid part and scheduled that is generated at home to be more flexible and relax when you are traveling.

I hope you found this article interesting and follow my blog to more ideas, articles and experiences to share as a family.

Thanks !!! 🙂