A simple trick to gets kids to eat more vegetables


A simple trick could influence your kids to eat more veggies. My experience trying to force my son is even worst. Sometimes this method or approach is a failure. Psychologists propose using your child’s appetite to your benefit serving vegetables first in isolation.

There are no rules telling children what foods they should eat first, they’ll eat what tastes better to them. But what if vegetables were severed first, like an entrée, to a hungry child, probably they will eat them to satisfy their hunger.

For the vegetables, the better presentation in a multi-food context may not do any motivation because people choose instead to consume more of the other “better” items.

Researchers attended a school cafeteria and observed the eating habits of more than 800 students and many of them chose to take a cup of carrots when displayed between other foods.

Later they returned and they located the carrots at the tables with no other food options where students could reach them, the result was a 430 per cent increase in carrot consumption.

I would like to do this experiment with broccoli to have similar results.