A Different Easter Sunday 

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A little thinking….

I remembered Easter Sunday as a sunny day in my early years in Lima, Peru. I attended a girl’s only Catholic School, very strict and religious 100 percent, the meaning of Holy Week was different, it was deep into the religion and the sacrifices you were supposed to promise to do probably for the complete year until the next holy season starts, and it was a day to be together with the family. Good Friday was a quiet day, probably dark and not shiny outside, I have never heard of the tradition of the Eastern bunny, hide of eggs, or buy more and more gift as it was Christmas time, probably we had the chocolate eggs with the little toys inside, forbidden in USA by the way, but nothing similar as many people celebrate here, we used to enjoyed it as a special sunny Sunday with the family.  In the coming years probably when my child grows up, I will have to follow the tradition in a different way; for now we continue as the way I celebrated since I was in my early years.