35 gifts your children will never forget 

Most of the time as parents, the first thing  that cross our minds is how to be a good provider to our kids, how worthy clothes we buy for them, how expensive and sophisticated toys we buy for them, and all physical goods we offer to them. As I become more mature and grown-up, I understood that the most important thing in life and what is the most important legacy we can leave to our children is the interaction, experiences and the quality time that we spend with them same as moral values and the confidence we can bring to their lives for a successful future as humans, specially now these days where all values and moral have changed.

Let’s give the greatest gift to our kids these holidays as the opportunity to be closer to us, share experiences and the most important thing offering them the time to spend with us.

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How sentimental your toddler or infant could be?

Their hands and feet are adorable little, they wear small clothes and their feelings are very big, from age 2-5 years old they develop emotions demanding a lot of attention, they are intense and they produce lots of tears and smiles.

Emotional development begins at birth but before of age 2 a child’s emotions are simple and reactive from their environment. It is know that young infants have tendency to cry when in their surrounding area heard another crying baby; is known as a contagious crying, and is just easily they get emotional and expressed their emotions with their parents’ feelings, depressed or excitement; toddlers reflect their parents emotions and expression faces. When a mother sings to her babies, they feel emotions and connections with her, singing plays an important role in early bonding with children, captures and maintain the infant’s contemplation, singing can be effective more often for infants with problems in social interactions. Singing can also be a tool to depressed mothers and capture the infant’s attention.

The strongest emotions could be singing to your infant or toddler; in my situation I sign to my 2 years old toddler and he get so emotional to tears, especially when I exchange the lyrics with my talking as a part of the melody. The highest tones match with the most concentrated parts and expressions on him.

Most adorable songs for toddlers and infants 


Why offer raspberries to your toddler?

Raspberries are extremely nutrient in small amount of calories as a good source of fiber. Also contains antioxidants, vitamin C is also present; with only 100 grams of this nutrient fruit your toddler has  the amount of Vitamin C needed.

There a different ways to serve the raspberries but my favorite is just as the fruit itself, the only problem is that my son consume them sometimes in a day and my fridge needs to haven them since he love them. Frozen raspberries are a real pleasure and a good alternative as a healthy dessert. If you child is under four years old break them individually to prevent choking, also as a puree can be serve with plain yogurt. Raspberries are good in smoothies and can be combining with banana for example to give more consistency.

Fast facts about raspberries

Raspberries are in the peak of their production in the summer and are more affordable in price in season time, they also grown in the autumn but the productions is less and the price to get them is more expensive. Since expire soon they need to be consume during the 2-3 of purchase.

Good tip: Wash your berries just before you consume them because the water deteriorates them.

How can grandparents not to adore a toddler with their innocent faces and enthusiasm? 

How can grandparents not to adore toddler with their innocent faces and enthusiasm? Grandchildren from the age to 1-3 offer an innumerable new grandparents experiences, however the toddler years are also the time when grandparent s worry about their grandchildren development and milestones, we need to remember that al kids are different and they develop at their own speed. The main brain booster for the toddler is the verbal attention, talk to them and play word games such as naming body parts, the animal sounds, read books encouraging the language development.

Review the food pyramid for your younger eater  


  • Try to buy fresh fruit; dried, frozen, I prefer the fresh fruit and some frozen as the mango that is hard to find some season during the year.  But fresh fruit in season since is more juice and less expensive.
  • Limit the fruit juice since the juice is a good option but fruit contains more fiber.


  • Give your younger eater variety of colorful, frozen vegetables are also nutrient that is why try to stock the most is possible in stock. If you choose vegetable in can (not really recommendable in my opinion ) choose the once with less sodium.
  • Check the label for the whole grain foods and try to choose the ones at least with 10 % of  the value. Look for ingredients like whole wheat, brown rice and pasta.


  • Have seafood at least twice a week.
  • Cook beans, peas and soy products often.
  • Cut the meat and take away the visible fat.


  • In early years I recommend organic and whole milk instead the low and fat free milk.
  • Regular cream cheese, and butter spread are high in saturated fat and have litte calcium. I recommend pure butter.