T’S OFFICIAL: Kids who pick their nose and eat their BOOGIES are happier and healthier!

And you’re always telling them to stop!

EDITOR / MARCH 25 2019

“STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE!” How many times have you said that to your children?

Well, now you might want to re-think that.

According to a study, we should encourage our kids to eat their boogies because it will make them happier and healthier!

Gross, but true.

Scott Napper, an associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan, is telling parents  that exposing the body to the germs inside boogey mucus might help build immunity.

Boogies, boogers or bogeys start off as mucus – a clear slimy substance inside our nasal passage.

This mucus traps small particles that we breathe in like dust, pollen, and even germs. As the mucus gets closer to incoming air, it dries out into clumps that we affectionately call boogies.

So, while it might seem that eating boogies would be bad for you, considering they’re full of dirt and germs,  the opposite seems to be true!

Professor Napper claims that eating boogies helps strengthen our immune system so that it can fight off other illnesses.

Scientists call this the “hygiene hypothesis,” and believe that early exposure to germs can make you healthier and therefore happier as you grow.

Austrian lung specialist Professor Friedrich Bischinger, goes so far as to say that when snot is ingested, “it works just like a medicine” and that research proves this

So next time you see your child with his or her finger jammed up their nose, you know what to do! Smile, and think you are actually being a great parent!



I don’t want to think about my child alone, and kindergarten’ friendships are more important than you think, especially for boys. Boys with good friendships in kindergarten with lots of sharing, and peaceful relations had fewer behavior problems and better social skills by third grade, according to a study from the University of Illinois.

Since collaboration and teamwork is a big part of learning and education, kids who have trouble adapting are at a disadvantage academically.

Here are some tips on how to try to avoid these problems :

Don’t be afraid to raise the issue with the teacher. Ask the teacher questions about how your child is socializing and interacting with others. Some schools offer social skills programs that your kid can join.

Read and buy books that showcase good friendships, like Frog and Toad Are Friends, by Arnold Lobel. But any book that can serve as a model about friendship and relationship, and mention your child’s friend’s names.

Act on solutions to playground problems: Little kids incline closer to imagined classmates, compliment kind gestures by pointing out the positive emotions for example you can mention them something like “You must feel really proud of yourself that you shared your new ball with Sam.”

Act as the party planner: Organize play dates with your kids’ friend, two or three  members in the group are enough to socialize with their mother also, and at the same time  the kids will get more involve between them out of the school schedule.