8 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid


This weekend I spent some time with my mother and we stopped for lunch and at a place where there was a baby shower for a future mom. Immediately came to my mind when I was preparing my registry for my own and I remember some many items that were unnecessary…I am going to share the most common baby registry mistakes that we can avoid.

Don’t insist on everything new. If you have friends who are eager to give you some items, take them. Friends, relatives, and online groups often offer clothing they are happy to remove from their closets. Your baby is new but it doesn’t mean that everything has to be brand new.

Don’t go overstock. You see five packs of newborn bibs and you just put a ton on your list, or you registered for something like 20 white newborn onesies.

Don’t just register for infant items. Babies grow fast and you don’t need so many clothes in newborn or 0-3 months sizes. Make sure you get in some pajamas and clothes for everyday use in bigger sizes, also look for items that will grow with your child, for example the high chair that will convert into a booster seat or bottles with the adaptable sippy accessory.

Don’t register for items that you think maybe you might need. Bottle warmers; wipe warmers, and pacifier holders. More than likely you will never use these things. Based on my experience the most useless is the wipe and bottle warmer. It dries out the wipes and you will go through wipes quicker, a plastic wipes container comes in practically every box of wipes that is sometimes I experienced for myself.

Don’t register for expensive items. Hoping someone is going to buy you your crib or the furniture for your child’s room? Purchase the crib, the mattress, the car seat, and stroller in that way you won’t depend on someone purchasing it. You should absolutely register for less pricey essentials: diapers, formula, and the noose FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator you absolutely would need it.

Don’t register for a breast pump. This does not mean that you shouldn’t buy a breast pump. But you probably don’t need to register for one because of the Affordable Breast Act that offer free breast pumps for all mothers.

Don’t register for exclusive colors. I opted for neutral tones a tan high chair, red stroller, and black car seat, you can found out that later on you are having a boy or girl and it would be a relive knowing your would have the most important items.

Don’t get obsessed for the latest and greatest. Don’t neglect the products that may be more essential and practical such bottles, burp clothes, and diapers ( lots of diapers) Keep in mind that moms have been raising babies for millennial without the help of ultraviolet night baby monitors to mention some of them.

The latest and greatest thing that your baby will love more than anything else is not even on your registry, and it’s you.

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Strategies to prevent anxiety in kids


We have not come to this world with a manual on how to be a parent; our main goal is to provide to our kids the best quality of life possible to raise happy and respectful humans. One of the most difficult issues that parents meet presently could be the anxiety in kids. Most of the common mistakes parents do when they see their children showing signs of anxiety are yelling, punishment, and the verbal threats that most of the times create more tension on them.

Remember that is not your goal to be the best parent in the world; your goal is to be there for your kids and be the best example where they can feel support and love. Most of the time you heard that anxiety in kids is transmitted by their parent but is not completely accurate.

All kids in some point of their life feel the fear to be abandoned, they cry in school, they feel unusual fears without a reason and sometimes they have gone through episodes in their life where they develop some type of anxiety, for example the experience to lose a familiar member that can generate some type of fear on them.

As a parents we can make their life so charming and calm as we would wish, the most important advice is to be there for them, to notice anything in particular that is not considered normal, learn to listen to them and understand them, educate based in intelligence and comprehension can help us to prevent the anxiety in our children.  They are evidence that sometimes if at least one of the parents presents some type of anxiety their kids will develop some type of anxiety between the age of 6 and 13 years old but there is not a specific reason to develop it, sometimes is a combination of genetic and some environmental factors.

The most important thing is that if one of the parents present some type of anxiety needs to be treated and be conscious that is crucial in the development of our kids.

Let’s have in practice some strategies on how to prevent and challenge anxiety in our kids:

  1. Kids need to confront their fears: Is normal to protect our kids, but overprotective is not really healthy for them, we need to let them be capable to challenge their fears, once they test their fears they will feel proud of themselves.
  2. Use positive messages to communicate to them: Congratulate your kids for each task they perform good, and the most important thing is to avoid and criticize something when they do it wrong. Never used depreciate words because in the future they will remember them and will cause a stage on anxiety at some point.
  3. Understand what is important to them: Sometimes we criticize things that for them are important and we somewhat for lack of time and dedication are not noticed. Always listen what they want to say to you.
  4. Talk to your kids about everything that cause them distress or fear: Talk to them in a comprehensive way and with attention, always provide support and conform to them.

Parenting is not easy,  every day is a challenge.

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5 Snacks to keep your kids full longer


Children can definitely eat out of monotony, just like grownups do. But another issue is that sometimes what they are eating may actually not be filling them up. Snack staples like pretzels, gummy fruit snacks, fish-shaped crackers, and even many granola bars simply don’t have much staying-power, so kids are hungrier sooner.

If you’re looking for a snack that will satisfy, here are some ideas:

Cheese & Veggies 

Have been proof that kids that eat as snack cheese and vegetables were satisfied after eating fewer calories than those who munched on potato chips. That’s probably because protein-rich cheese and water and fiber-rich veggies are both naturally filling foods.

Avocado Toast 

Adults who had half an avocado at lunch reported less desire to eat up to five hours later compared to those who didn’t have avocado. But even a kid-sized portion should be super satisfying since avocados are rich in heart-healthy fats that can keep hunger at bay. Spread mashed avocado quarter on a piece of whole grain toast to add extra fiber.

Raspberries & Yogurt

Fruit is high in fiber, which sops up water and swells as it passes through the digestive system, making you feel fuller. Raspberries are one of the highest-fiber fruits, packing a whopping 8 grams per cup (that’s about a third of what school-age kids need for the whole day). If fresh aren’t available, get frozen berries (just make sure they don’t contain added sugar). Add them to yogurt, which is rich in protein.

Nuts or Nut Butter

Nuts contain protein, fat, and fiber, which are all satisfying nutrients. You can serve nuts straight up or paired with dried fruit, or blend nuts or nut butter into smoothies. When kids and parents regularly ate almonds, their overall diet quality improved and they had healthy changes to their gut bacteria. (Just remember that whole nuts are a choking hazard for children younger than four.)


Popcorn is a tasty source of whole grains. Some studies with adults, those who munched on six cups of popcorn reported feeling more satisfied than those who ate just one cup of potato chips—and they also took in fewer calories when given a meal afterwards. Popcorn is big on volume, which the brain sees as being more filling. Skip packaged microwave popcorn and make it yourself on the stove top is simple.

I hope these tips can help you and found this article useful 5 Snacks to keep kids full longer, sometimes is hard to decide the best option and healthier option for your kids, I hope this helps.


Why the left side?


Since my son was born, I’ve noticed that I feel more muscle and I feel more pressure on my left arm from carrying heavy weight around, and though I’ve attempted to even the muscles out by using my right arm and hip, my body just won’t allow it comfortably as it turns out, and I really even did not the real reason, even that I was trying to keep more busy and use more the right side of my body.

If you’re one of 70 – 85 percent of women who are like me and carry your children on your left side, it’s because humans are hard-wired to do in order to keep their babies safe.

Studies published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, when you carry a child on the left side of your body allows for the right side of your brain to process information, specifically emotions. The authors of the study which explored humans and other mammals such as whales reported that left-side bias contributes to mother-child bonding because the right hemisphere of your brain helps you to make sense of what you see, allowing you to recognize your baby’s expressions and determine what they need.



From now on, If  you feel like you need to even out the muscles on the right side of your body, consider some free weights instead of attempting to switch your babies from hip to hip your emotional connection with your kids will be stronger for it.

I hope you revealed something new in this article Why women hold their babies on the left side, I discovered something related to me but probably did not the real reason.

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