Raising an only child

My Ten Tiny Toes

I hope you liked this article, I found it interesting since I can see myself on this reading, having my child at age 42 years old (now I am 44) I can consider to have a second one since medically I am healthy and on these modern times woman are considering to have kids after 35 years old including the early 40s; but having children in a mature age represents a lot of physical and mental effort but fortunately I had my son healthy and without any complications.


My 2 year old son, my one and only 🙂

What You Need to Know About Your Only Child
Fifty years ago, when only children represented just 10 percent of all kids under age 18, “onlies” were often thought of as lonely, spoiled, and socially inept. But the tide has turned, and as the number of only children climbs, their place in…

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