7 Parenting Mistakes Than Can Ruin Your Relationship


I live with my partner for already 3 years and of course I’m not an expert. I’ve made enough mistakes I think, and also having a 2 years old toddler makes it more difficult. There’s room for mistakes and resistance in a relationship, nobody is the perfect parent or the perfect partner.Here are some mistakes that parenting commits:

  1. Not making time for each other. Let’s face it, raising kids takes tons of time and energy but you’ve got to make sure that you reserve some of that for your partner. Find time to connect. Have fun, laugh, be intimate and remind each other why you started a family together in the first place.
  2. Not making time for you. Another mistake that’s so easy to make is losing yourself completely to your family. You’ve got to make time for yourself. It is necessary.
  3. Not having fun as a family. Interacting as a family unit, especially when it’s something fun, is a great way to boost marital morale.
  4. Not asking for help. If you’re going to find the time for yourself, your partner and your family, you will need help. You can’t be afraid to ask for it. It’s especially important that your significant other knows what you need from them. Ask for help and make sure you get it.
  5. Micromanaging your child’s care. If your partner takes over bedtime duties, let them get it done in the way that works for them. You can’t expect others to do things exactly like you do. Believe me, leaving the control can be extremely hard, but holding on to it drives a piece out in your relationship.
  6. Differing discipline. While it’s extremely important that both parents are allowed their own parenting style, it is also key that they don’t damage each other. Do your best to get on the same page and act as a united front; nothing breeds resentment like being thrown under the bus.
  7. Sharing your bed with your kids. The family bed situation may not be a problem if both parents are happy with the sleeping arrangement. But if sharing your bed with your kids is affecting the quality of your sleep or the romantic intimacy, it might not be the best for your family.


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