Today’s traditions are tomorrow’s. Scan these fun, easy ideas for new traditions to best fit your style.

1. Family Night In

Have a weekly or monthly night where you turn off all smartphones and cozy up at home. Cook dinner together, play games, do a movie and Popcorn whatever type of togetherness your family loves best.

2. Volunteer Together

Choose an annual family project or two, such as an Earth Day Cleanup, “adopting” a local family in need over the holidays. You’ll foster a deeper connection with your community and each other.

3. New Year’s Interview

Create a sheet of easy, age-appropriate questions for kids to answer, such as favorite color, season or memory from the previous year. Snuggle in with cocoa and popcorn to make it a New Year’s Day event. Start a three-ring binder to hold each year’s sheets.

4. Monthly Potluck

Create a standing potluck party, inviting a different group of friends each month. Consider giving each a theme from Tuscany to fall to finger foods to give it focus. 

5. Saturday Morning Snuggle-ins

Designate one weekend morning to hanging out together for a bit, reading books, cuddling, and talking in bed. Even just 10 or 15 minutes is enough to establish a cozy, bonding tradition.

6. Anniversary Party

Incorporate a whole-family event into the anniversary of your big day. Look through wedding photos together or, better yet, watch the wedding video, with popcorn and other movie snacks. If the kids are old enough, let them make you a special dinner.

7. First Day of School

Pick an easy way to make their annual sendoff that much more special each year, such as sidewalk chalk cheer-ons, a School Year’s Eve dinner or a fun family breakfast party.

8. Pizza Night

Have one regular weekly easy-hit meal that everyone can count on, such as Friday Pizza Night, Taco Tuesday or Breakfast for Dinner. 

Provided by Better Homes

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