A Little Reflection To A Full Time Working Mother


Dear all of us,

I see you there same as myself everyday. We are the ones arriving to work 30 seconds before the time to not be considered late, we have been up since early in the morning to get dressed, served breakfast, and dropped off at a school our children on the way to the office.  Sometimes your pants are a little wrinkled or you makeup is not fully complete.

We are anxiously checking our cellphone during the day to see the camera at their school (in my case) since my son is 2-years old and this little one has been sick for four consecutive days.  We pray that daycare won’t call us to pick them up because we have no more sick days specially starting the year in January, to use them all, and we are in panic to ask our boss to leave early one more time.  Someone asks us to go out to lunch, but we passed because we have to go to buy some groceries, milk, diapers or something else needed at home.

When others are staying at work to get ahead for tomorrow, we are rushing out the door to pick up our kids because after a specific time the school charge you $1.00 per an extra minute and we have already been away from our children already more than 9 hours.  We can’t wait to have them back in our arms even knowing that they drive us crazy most of the times.  We feel like everyone else is doing better at their job than us.  When we are at work we feel guilty that we aren’t with our kids. If we had to evaluate ourselves, we’d say that we are an okay Mom and an acceptable employee, definitely not an exceptional mother for your point of view.

I can’t forget to mention the hurry after I pick up my child from school to get home and attempt to cook something healthy, sometimes not that healthy but I refuse to stop on drive thrus, probably my options are not healthy for some but healthier than others, I don’t compare; I just try to do the best I can for my son and family.

Your stay- at- home mom friends often wish they could work outside their home or just have a little adult conversation…We most of the time feel a little bit jealous of them, and we worry that our kids are missing out on having a close group of friends to play with.

I also see that we have a way of calm that many others do not. Just mentioning that most of the time things start to go wrong at work and I am the last one to overreact.  It’s obvious that this disaster is a small dimension compared to raising kids under the age of five.  I see the kindness in our eyes when a teammate is complaining up about a mistake made and that is nothing anymore for me. Others wonder about my tolerant, patience, and forgiving attitude comparing on how I was when I was not having kids. Nothing stresses me more at work anymore than working full- time and raising my son.

Working does not make us less of a mom.  Being a mom doesn’t make us a fragile employee.  If we are working because our family depends on it financially, I congratulate us and congratulate myself, we need to be proud of what we are achieving.


Mom of a toddler

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