Changing unacceptable behavior in kids by changing their environment


They are not enough parents trying to challenge the bad behavior in our children by changing their surroundings. The modifications in their environments, are more used in infants and small children than with older children , since they get older parents try to rely on the verbal  methods, but since this option is really easy and effective we all can put it in practice. If children are involved in something interesting they are less likely pester parents. Let’s consider some good and easy  ideas to make it possible:

  • Some parents receive excellent results when you assign a special area in the garage, the living rooms or any corner where the kids are able to build, paint, mess and create their social environment. Limiting their space is also a negative reason for them to behave, children most of the time accept this limitations of their life space
  • Also car trips are times when especially they aggravate their parents, make sure to have enough material in the car to entertain your child and keep them become bored or restless.
  • Most parents organize play dates, arrange playmates to come to the house, frequently two or more children will find acceptable things to do and listen to their parents than if the child is alone.
  • Playdoh, finger paints, fun card games, puppets, theaters putting some shows; all these things can reduce the aggressive, restless, or trouble behavior.
  • Sometimes we offer to our children unacceptable environments where is too difficult and complex to be around, try to focus on have your house or their area easier for them to do things and do not feel the frustration that comes with the lack of control of their environment.
  • Another way to simplify your child’s environment is to buy clothes easy for them to put themselves, putting their closet hooks at a lower level, buying plastic cups, and purchasing child-size eating implements.

Children have an amazing capacity to adjust comfortably to changes. I hope you found this article useful and easier to put in practice. I became a blogger since I became a mom two years ago for the first time in my early forties, I truly believe in the articles I post and I would love to support and provide informative articles and tips to all the parents in this parenthood stage.

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