The iPhone Trick That Every Parent Needs To Know


The iPhone trick that Every Parent ( I think ) Needs to Know

Before I start… I just want to emphasize that I abhorrence cells…. I am not part of the concept to spend the whole day and not interact anymore between humans because the information system have involve us in a brutal vicious but  here we go…some exceptions can be acceptable.

This is the scenario and now I can include myself. We are sitting at a restaurant or some other place with a long wait, and you see the signs that your kid is quickly giving you the uncomfortable mood. You pass your iPhone in desperation with a proper episode of Sesame Street or any other music video or something that can caught their attention to play. But specially toddlers don’t just sit there and happily watch the screen, and I am one of the mothers that panic if my son is touching or feeling the screen because of vibrations or the frequencies that mobiles produces. . They always want to reach out and touch the screen and before you know it, they’ve accidentally exited out of the application or pressed the pause button and the tears and anxiety that you were working so hard to avoid, begin loudly and noisily. Great, excellent! But now we have Guide Access.

Follow the below instructions:

Guided Access is an option on your iPhone that allows you to basically lock the rest of the phone while an open app is being used. To turn it on go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access, and slide the switch so it looks green, and Guided Access is turned on.

You then set a passcode which should be different from your main passcode just for security and probably because your kid already 4 or 5 years old already know it.

After you’ve set all this up, you triple-tap the Home button each time you want to turn the feature on after you open the application where you want to stay in.

This finding could be use also if you’re handing your phone over to a coworker to show them some pictures, and you don’t want them to see your texts or the rest of your photo gallery. Just triple-tap the Home button before handing it over with the application open and you’re safe.
I hope you found these TIPS useful, I do! Since sometimes I am in the desperation to entertain my son after all the resources has been used 🙂

Great? !

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