Mistakes You Must Let Your Kid Experience

Of course our job is to protect our kids and to avoid any disappointment through their life, but believe it or not there are some negative experiences that your kids needs to know-how to defend them selves and acquire personality having our love and support but to learn the hard work of learning as an adult in a future. 

Many of these won’t happen to young kids but it’s a list worth saving. 

1. Not being invited to a birthday party

2. The death of a pet

3. Breaking a valuable vase

4. Working hard on a paper and still getting a bad grade

5. Having a car break down away from home

6. Seeing the tree they planted die

7. Being told that a class or camp is full

8. Getting detention

9. Missing a TV show because they were helping mom

10. Being blamed for something they didn’t do

11. Having an event canceled because someone else misbehaved

12. Not making to a sport team

13. Coming in last at something

14. Being hit by another kid

15. Rejecting something they had been trained

16. Deeply regretting saying something they can’t take back

17. Not being invited when friends are going out

18. Being picked last for neighborhood kickball

 Let’s try to help about our kids become self-sufficient.

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