Why the left side?


Since my son was born, I’ve noticed that I feel more muscle and I feel more pressure on my left arm from carrying heavy weight around, and though I’ve attempted to even the muscles out by using my right arm and hip, my body just won’t allow it comfortably as it turns out, and I really even did not the real reason, even that I was trying to keep more busy and use more the right side of my body.

If you’re one of 70 – 85 percent of women who are like me and carry your children on your left side, it’s because humans are hard-wired to do in order to keep their babies safe.

Studies published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, when you carry a child on the left side of your body allows for the right side of your brain to process information, specifically emotions. The authors of the study which explored humans and other mammals such as whales reported that left-side bias contributes to mother-child bonding because the right hemisphere of your brain helps you to make sense of what you see, allowing you to recognize your baby’s expressions and determine what they need.



From now on, If  you feel like you need to even out the muscles on the right side of your body, consider some free weights instead of attempting to switch your babies from hip to hip your emotional connection with your kids will be stronger for it.

I hope you revealed something new in this article Why women hold their babies on the left side, I discovered something related to me but probably did not the real reason.

Pic by Ballena Shutterstock/Monika Wieland

Pic by Getty Image /calaimage

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