How beautiful is it?


How beautiful is this stage in our lives? Honestly, is difficult and sometimes I can say is terrifying, horrible and scary to live 24/7 asking a little one not to do this, and do that and etc., running behind them, feeding them, putting their clothes when don’t want to, changing diapers when they don’t want it either, holding them to keep them quite when all they want to do is whatever they want, not to forget to mention all the nights that probably the sleep is not part of the nights sometimes, is normal to feel frustration, sadness, is literally to place your life on the side for some years to satisfy and keep happy and in a good place another individual.

I listen so many histories about other child’s related to bad behavior that probably mine is not placed in that stage yet, but is what my patience and me as an individual probably can tolerate. Just not to leave this post without mention the intense love we feel for those individuals, the feeling to give our life for them I imagine is the same for all the mothers out there but OH MY GOD …. the feeling of frustration and incapability sometimes to make those little individuals happy is not easy as you think it was when you were young, and your grandmother or mother were trying to let you imagine that the perfect life and the perfect mother exists, do not confuse me… I love my son, is my life but sometimes is really depressing to see how my life is not existing anymore. I assume is part of this journey called “Motherhood” and I imagine some phases are more difficult than others.

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