Food and pollen allergies are not the only ones

I hope you found something new in this new article Can You Be Allergic to Cold Weather? As an alternative (my case) my son has been getting sick with a moderate cold sometimes and I always try to find the most natural way against the symptoms.

I don’t live in cold weather but even living in Florida the chance to be more exposure to change in weather and temperatures makes us sometimes more vulnerable to develop some allergies or reactions to weather change from warm to cold and vice versa.

With food and pollen allergies on the rise, parents already have their hands full. But there is yet another, rarer allergy to be on the watch for during this time of year: an allergic reaction to cold temperature called cold urticaria.


Though it sounds far-fetched, cold urticarial works in the same way that other, more common allergies do. Reactions can include redness, hives, itching and even throat swelling. Cold urticaria affects only one in 100,000 people.

Unfortunately, there is no blood test for cold urticaria. But Dr. William Lanting, at the Asthma and Allergy Center of the Rockies, managed to come up with a test of his own: hold an ice cube for three minutes and then watch what happens as the skin warms up. If hives spread on the tested area, it is likely cold urticaria.

Most people with cold urticaria have manageable symptoms and while there is no definitive cure, it can be controlled by taking a daily chronic antihistamine.

I can recommend some natural organic products to battle some allergies symptoms related to itchy eyes, nasal congestion and itchy nose. Picture from piriallergy


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