Ginger House preparation tips

Ginger House preparation tips:

Gingerbread housed is part of Christmas decoration and is an activity to share and spend a relaxing and comfy time with family and friends and enhance the Christmas spirit in your home. This is the first year that I am going to make my own Ginger House and I want to share some tips for this project to be successful for you as well. Let see how it goes…you don’t have to be an artist there are some many ginger house making kit available at the stores.



  • Try t have to have a pattern if you want to make your own and not to buy the kit, bake your dough and compare your pieces with the original pattern and cut the pieces with a knife, try to make it once the dough is fresh from the oven since is easier to obtain better results.
  • Try to add the decorations before you assembly the pieces, is easier to do it before the house is build.
  • Since candy is heavy, make sure the house is glue and dry, assembly the walls first and let them dry, also you can use some cans inside for support.
  • You can also bake the house parts the previous day and let it dry and have a decoration party the following day!
  • Build your house in a board that fits the area where you are planning to display it, also a foam board model can be build to attach another pieces around the house, like trees, snowman etc.
  • Also you can use another alternative, if you don’t have ginger pieces; you can use graham cookies instead
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I hope your project will be a success!gh

2 thoughts on “Ginger House preparation tips

  1. What a great idea to do with my 2 y/o. Love it!
    It’s not only something different but it’s such a beautiful way of making memories with your children.


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