35 gifts your children will never forget 

Most of the time as parents, the first thing  that cross our minds is how to be a good provider to our kids, how worthy clothes we buy for them, how expensive and sophisticated toys we buy for them, and all physical goods we offer to them. As I become more mature and grown-up, I understood that the most important thing in life and what is the most important legacy we can leave to our children is the interaction, experiences and the quality time that we spend with them same as moral values and the confidence we can bring to their lives for a successful future as humans, specially now these days where all values and moral have changed.

Let’s give the greatest gift to our kids these holidays as the opportunity to be closer to us, share experiences and the most important thing offering them the time to spend with us.

I hope you liked this article 35 gifts your children will never forget for more articles and thoughts follow my blog  🙂


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