Why offer raspberries to your toddler?

Raspberries are extremely nutrient in small amount of calories as a good source of fiber. Also contains antioxidants, vitamin C is also present; with only 100 grams of this nutrient fruit your toddler has  the amount of Vitamin C needed.

There a different ways to serve the raspberries but my favorite is just as the fruit itself, the only problem is that my son consume them sometimes in a day and my fridge needs to haven them since he love them. Frozen raspberries are a real pleasure and a good alternative as a healthy dessert. If you child is under four years old break them individually to prevent choking, also as a puree can be serve with plain yogurt. Raspberries are good in smoothies and can be combining with banana for example to give more consistency.

Fast facts about raspberries

Raspberries are in the peak of their production in the summer and are more affordable in price in season time, they also grown in the autumn but the productions is less and the price to get them is more expensive. Since expire soon they need to be consume during the 2-3 of purchase.

Good tip: Wash your berries just before you consume them because the water deteriorates them.

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