Review the food pyramid for your younger eater  


  • Try to buy fresh fruit; dried, frozen, I prefer the fresh fruit and some frozen as the mango that is hard to find some season during the year.  But fresh fruit in season since is more juice and less expensive.
  • Limit the fruit juice since the juice is a good option but fruit contains more fiber.


  • Give your younger eater variety of colorful, frozen vegetables are also nutrient that is why try to stock the most is possible in stock. If you choose vegetable in can (not really recommendable in my opinion ) choose the once with less sodium.
  • Check the label for the whole grain foods and try to choose the ones at least with 10 % of  the value. Look for ingredients like whole wheat, brown rice and pasta.


  • Have seafood at least twice a week.
  • Cook beans, peas and soy products often.
  • Cut the meat and take away the visible fat.


  • In early years I recommend organic and whole milk instead the low and fat free milk.
  • Regular cream cheese, and butter spread are high in saturated fat and have litte calcium. I recommend pure butter.



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